Earlier this month, health experts blamed supersized portions of pizza, cake, ice cream, and alcohol for more Americans facing the battle of the bulge.

So, what are those ‘best exercises’ to negate calories and lose some weight? If you fancy building strength, tone, and losing weight, here are the 10 best exercises to lean up:


The least used, yet king of the cardio machines at the gym is the rower. While the heart rate increases, rowing utilizes every muscle from shoulders to toes – 40 percent upper body, 60 percent lower body. If you buy one piece of gym equipment for your home, make it a rower.

Rowing is one of the best all-over body workouts with the added bonus of cardio.


What do we do all day? Sit down and stand up. Therefore, squats are one of the most functional exercises around that work your quads, hamstrings, calves, and bum. Squats build muscle, and building muscle burns calories.


Jogging for distance is a superb bodyweight movement. We all have room to run, it’s is great for the mind, and running is a cardio exercise every man and woman should be capable of performing for functionality and weight loss.

Pro tip: Long jogs are great for weight loss, but don’t forget sprints and HIIT. Remember – outdoor running trump treadmill sessions.


Invented by New York City Physiologist Royal Huddleston Burpee (true story) burpees are the most intense bodyweight movement using no equipment. It’s a jump, squat, push up, and ab movement that gets every muscle burning while the heart rate increases in a rower-esque fashion.

Stair runs

When you change the angle you change the exercise. Hitting the stairs is a simple, angled jog on steroids. From single stairs to doubles and triples, you’re working every muscle from the waist down while increasing the heart rate and shredding kilograms.


The common misconception is that push-ups are solely an exercise that builds chest strength – oh how wrong. Push-ups work the chest, back, shoulders, triceps, quads, and more. The more muscles used, the more calories burned. Push-ups are a classic fat burner.

Kettlebell swings

A simple swing with a kettlebell is an explosive movement that builds strength, improves posture, and elevates the heart rate. It’s a high-intensity move that benefits the posterior chain and will build an athletic bum.


If you jog for 30 minutes I dare you to skip rope for 30 minutes and compare how you feel. According to Science Daily, 10 minutes of skipping rope is equivalent to an 8-minute mile (1.6 kilometers). Skipping rope burns serious calories, and is a high-intensity exercise.

The plank

An isometric hold may not burn the most calories or tone as much as other exercises, but without a solid core, you’ll have an imbalanced physique that’s just waiting for injury. Your abdominals, back, core, hamstrings, and bum all work while planking, ultimately benefiting posture and balance.

Restraint in the kitchen

Choose your poison – healthy diet without exercise; exercise without a healthy diet. Both are bad for the waistline. Doing the right thing in the kitchen is as important an exercise as the nine listed above. Imagine dropping your portions by 25 percent, binning the processed snacks and fizzy drinks, eating fresh protein, adding fruit and veggies while drinking less alcohol and more water. You’ll not only be fuelling your exercise program, you’ll systematically drop weight week after week.